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No Pressure…  Just Peace Of Mind

Our Promise To You

We’ll act fast and be transparent so you can confidently make an informed decision with the peace of mind you deserve.”

We Specialize In…

Peace Of Mind

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone…

But if the items below are as important to you as they are for us, it’s probably worth reaching out to us to learn more.

We Remove Uncertainty

Traditional transactions take months… And you never really know when you’ll sell or what the sale price will be or what your net ($) will be.

Our approach is straight forward and transparent.

With us, the uncertainty is gone.

We're Local

We’re proud to be a local North Dakota company with North Dakota values. Our founders grew up in Bismarck and are active within the community.

No national company non-sense.

We’re right here in your back yard.

We handle Repairs & Upgrades

We buy properties in any condition… Whether it’s recently remodeled and in perfect condition OR needs a complete remodel, we’ll take care of it.

You don’t have to worry.

We take care of everything for you.

We're Transparent

We’re upfront about how we make money.  We don’t hide behind hidden expenses that could end up harming you in the end.

 We genuinely enjoy educating people about what we do.

…And how we do it.

We Care

We grew up right here in the BisMan area.
Our families have lived, worked and created friendships here for 50+ years.

This community has given us so much.

We want to add value to the community that raised us.


Our properties sell fast. Just think, if we’re willing to buy your property if it doesn’t sell, we must be good at what we do (right)!?

We don’t pretend to be perfect!  But…

Our properties sell faster than the market average.

No Fees

Selling the “traditional way” is jam packed with fees… Some fees are on the surface while others seem to come out of nowhere.

When/If we buy your property, there’s no fees.

We take care of everything – You make more money.

We've Been In your Shoes

We’ve been “the seller” 200+ times… The waiting, the unforeseen repairs, the inspection items, the appraisal issues, the underwriting nonsense, etc, etc, etc…

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

All our experiences can help you (a lot).

Cash Advance

Need money right away?  For qualifying candidates, we offer a cash advance program. Don’t let the stress pile up anymore.

See if you and your property are a candidate.

We do our best to help you however we can.

⬇︎ Get Your Guaranteed Sale Price Now ⬇︎

No Risk.  No Hassle.  No Uncertainty.

Know Your Bottomline From Day One

No Pressure… Just Peace Of Mind

How It Works


Step 1

Request Your Guaranteed Sale Price

It only takes 10 seconds.

Simply enter the address of the property you want to sell and the 10-second form.

step 2

Property Information

Don’t worry, we do all the work.

We simply need to see the property, its condition, etc.

step 3

Sell Your Property

If your property doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it.

The peace of mind is priceless.
It’s really that simple.

⬇︎ Get Your Guaranteed Sale Price Now ⬇︎

No Risk.  No Hassle.  No Uncertainty.

Know Your Bottomline From Day One

No Pressure… Just Peace Of Mind

If Your Property Doesn’t Sell

We Will Buy It

(So You Can Have Peace Of Mind)

Here’s a few example situations where a Guaranteed Sale Price is the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Buying A New House

The excitement of your new house is crippled by the need to sell your existing house.

Too Many Repairs

Your property needs a lot of work but you don’t have the time, energy or money to make it all happen.

Liens / Finances

Your “financial past” is holding you back… Selling your real estate will remove the stress.

Fire Damage

Your property has fire damage.
You don’t know what to do.


You’re moving out of town / out of state and need to sell your existing house.

Behind On Mortgage

You can’t afford your house and need to sell it before you damage your credit or completely lose your house.

For Sale By Owner

You don’t want to sell with a real estate agent, but want to get the most out of your property.

Water Damage

Your property has water damage. You don’t know what to do.


You inherited a property that you need to sell before handling the estate.


The divorce is impacted by the sale/value of your real estate. Ideally you get a guaranteed sale price.

Tired Landlord

You’re tired of being a landlord and need to sell before tenants, trash and toilets make you lose your mind.


Your property has Mold.
You don’t know what to do.

Vacant Property

You have a vacant property that is a burden financially and emotionally… It needs to be sold.

Job Loss

You lost your job and need to sell your real estate before your lack of income derails everything.

Absentee Owner

You own property that you don’t live in… And it’s a burden.  Selling will lift a weight off your shoulders.

Natural Disaster

Your property has experienced a natural disaster. You don’t know what to do.

⬇︎ Get Your Guaranteed Sale Price Now ⬇︎

No Fees.  No Repairs.  No Risk.  No Nonsense.  No Uncertainty.

Know Your Bottomline From Day One

About Us

Selling a property can be an overwhelming experience. The financial and emotional roller coaster is something that most would prefer to avoid (if possible). That’s why we created Spektrum Advantage—to empower property sellers like you with all the information you need to navigate the selling process with minimal stress.

Through our extensive experience, we’ve discovered that the level of stress sellers experience is directly linked to their understanding of the process. While the average person goes through approximately 10 real estate transactions in their lifetime, our team at Spektrum has personally owned over 200 properties in the past 15 years. This translates to more than 500 successful transactions as buyers or sellers. Additionally, we’ve been involved in countless other transactions, wearing different hats such as agents, consultants, and builders.

Throughout our involvement in these transactions, we’ve realized that most sellers (and buyers), lack a comprehensive understanding of what a typical real estate transaction entails. That’s why we started our company—to fill the gap and provide you with the knowledge you seek. Our years of experience have confirmed our belief that sellers like you want to know more but often don’t know where to turn.

We genuinely want to help you by sharing our vast experiences in ways you may not have realized were available. We’re more than happy to offer you as much knowledge and expertise as you desire. Sharing what we’ve learned brings us great joy because we care about your ability to make decisions with peace of mind.

Understanding your options and their implications for you and your family is important to us. We care because we’ve personally witnessed how decisions, or the lack thereof, within a real estate transaction can directly impact your stress levels, finances, and overall quality of life.

Our goal is simple—to provide you with the knowledge necessary to make confident, informed decisions and give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you’re interested in having a conversation with us, just give me a call or shoot me a text at (701) 401-3256 or fill out the quick form below. It’ll only take 10 seconds, and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Team Spektrum

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